Sheep Manure and Neem Pellets 500g

Sheep Manure and Neem Pellets 500g (NZ only)


  • We find these pellets particularly effective when planting brassica seedlings in spring and autumn and the white butterfly is flying.
  • Place a few pellets in the planting hole. The Neem repels the white butterfly which attacks brassicas in the warmer months. The seedling takes up the Neem in its roots systemically and lasts for about 5-6 weeks. By that stage your plant will be sufficiently big and strong to withstand pests.
  • You can also sprinkle a handful round established plants that are getting attacked.
  • Contains 5 essential nutrients – N,P,K,S, and Ca.
  • Increases water retention properties in your soil, increases organic matter content and promotes earthworm activity.
  • See how Rob uses the Sheep Manure and Neem Pellets when planting brassicas.

Cost: $5 (includes GST)

Quantity of 500g bags: