Magic Botanic Liquid 1 litre

Magic Botanic Liquid 1 litre (NZ only)

(aka Humate and Fulvic Acid)

Magic Botanic Liquid 1 litre

  • If you’ve planted veges in well-composted well-nourished soil and your plants are still struggling, Magic Botanic Liquid might be what you need.
  • Magic Botanic Liquid works by helping to release locked-up fertilisers, especially phosphates.
  • Use at the rates of 20ml per litre of water as a soil drench as required and 10ml per litre of water as a foliar spray once or twice a month.
  • Contains a number of trace elements such as Si, Mg, S, Mn. The silica strengthens cell walls, helps block disease and regulates cell temperature which increases drought and frost tolerance.
  • Can increase permeability of plant membranes, which will enhance nutrient uptake.
  • Accelerates root development.
  • Stimulates growth of soil micro-organisms and improves soil structure.
  • Improves seed germination.
  • See how Rob uses Magic Botanic Liquid on his celery.

Cost: $25 (includes GST)

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