Our Story

”Food is the single strongest lever to optimise human health and environmental sustainability on Earth. However, food is currently threatening both people and planet. An immense challenge facing humanity is to provide a growing world population with healthy diets from sustainable food systems.”

Eat-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, Health 2019


The mission of Organic Edible Garden is to rise to that challenge.  Our vision is for everyone to grow nutrient-dense organic food at their own home and supplement it from local growers.

Growing your own food means​

No wasted food
Carbon is captured
transportation cost
Good cheap fresh food
It’s not that long ago that we all used to eat organic produce out of our gardens, but as life has sped up in the last 50 years, with both parents in families working, with the parallel rise of supermarkets offering cheap fruit and vegetables to meet the demand of working families, it wasn’t long before we didn’t bother to tend gardens ourselves.

Meet Jan

Jan McIntosh is an experienced television director and producer, who started her television career at TVNZ. There she created ‘The Palmers Garden Show’, a long-running high-rating series in prime-time.

“I’m passionate about growing our own food organically.  Four years ago we moved house to a small suburban blank canvas.  I’m finding out how much food I can grow when I cultivate the whole space – growing crops that can be stored and preserved as well as all the fresh crops.”

“Food gardening creates community. If people have spare produce in their garden, they’ll give it away to someone who can use it. The same goes with seeds and seedlings.  Food gardening is also about tending and caring – for the plants and each other.”

Meet Rob

Rob is a teacher and passionate about sharing his knowledge.  He started his horticultural ventures planting an orchard of heritage fruit trees which he found grew best using organic principles. For 12 years Rob ran a successful organic vegetable and herb seedling business, selling mostly at Farmers Markets.

Always a keen gardener, Rob grows all the fruit and vegetables he needs and more, regularly giving away to friends and neighbours.

“Organic veges and fruit just taste better and they’re better for you. We subscribe to Soil and Health’s catchcry – healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy people.”

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Growing food organically means working with nature and knowing when it’s the best time to sow, plant and harvest.  When planted in the right season and moon phase, and with the addition of compost and organic fertilisers, plants grow healthy and strong which results in optimal people and planet health.