The Insectary



Aster family (Yarrow or Achillea, Tansy, Sunflower, Goldenrod, Echinacea, Coreopsis, Cosmos), Alyssum*,  Anise hyssop*, Bee balm also known as Bergamot or Monarda*, Borage*, California poppy or Eschscholzia, Chrysanthemum*, Cornflower*, Carnation*, Dahlia*, Daylily or Hemerocallis*, Dianthus*, Evening primrose, Geranium*, Hibiscus*, Lavender*, Marigold*, Nasturtium*, Phacelia, Rose*, Rudbeckia, Snapdragon*, Zinnia


Alyssum*, Calendula*, Chrysanthemum*, Dianthus*, Nasturtium*, Pansy*, Snapdragon*, Viola*

summer and/or winter

Crops/weeds/herbs which have good flowers if left to go to seed:

Allium family (Onions*, Chives*, Leeks*), Basil*, Brassica family (Arugula*, Mustard*, Radish*), Buckwheat,  Dandelion*, Legume family (Alfalfa or Lucerne, Vetch, Clover*, Beans*, Peas* – but not sweet peas!), Lemon Verbena*, Sage*, Umbel family (Queen Anne’s lace, Parsley, Wild parsnip, Coriander*, Dill*)