Gardening by the moon

Gardening by the moon has been practised through the ages.  Through observation and experience, gardeners have learned that seeds and plants grow more quickly during some parts of the month than others.
The reason is the moon has a strong gravitational pull. Just as it controls the tides, so it controls the moisture in the soil and influences how quickly seeds germinate and plants grow.

JULY 2024

The increase in moonlight influences how quickly and strongly seeds and plants grow.
The phases of the moon are divided into four quarters lasting approximately seven days each.
The four quarters are:

1. New Moon    2. First Quarter

These periods are called the waxing moon. It’s a time of increased light and stronger sap flow in plants.

3. Full Moon   4. Last Quarter

These periods are called the waning moon. This is a time of decreased light and the sap starts to flow downwards.

During the New Moon there is a strong gravitational pull and the light is increasing. This is the best time to plant green leafy crops. Seeds sown during this period will also do well.

During the Full Moon stage the light starts to decrease and the sap in the plants starts to flow downwards. It’s the best time to sow and plant all root vegetables as this is a period of good root growth.

During the First Quarter the moonlight becomes stronger although the gravitational pull becomes less. This is a great time to plant most seedlings especially crops with seeds inside.

During the Last Quarter there is both decreased light and decreased gravitational pull. This is a time for rest. Avoid seed sowing. It’s a good time to prune, transplant and harvest.