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‘Do you have suggestions for organic ways to address Guava Moth infestations in fruit?’

Our response:
What we do is apply neem tree granules to the soil around the affected fruit tree in the winter. The guava moth over-winters in the soil. Then in spring and summer we spray Btk (Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki) over the leaves of the tree – Btk is sold as Organic Caterpillar Bio Control in garden centres. This is all that’s available as an organic solution at the moment and will keep your tree clear. You just have to hope the neighbours are doing the same!

‘I would like to make my garden more insect friendly. ‘

Full question:
I would like to make my garden more insect friendly. Can you point me to any resources to help me? Everything I’ve seen online relates to the Northern Hemisphere.

Our response:
Planting an insectary is the way to go. Here’s a link to a list of flowers and herbs by season that attract beneficial insects… Flowers and Herbs for an Insectary

Also you might get some information out of the first story in this video… How to plant an insectary (and other stories)