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1 June 2018

1 June 2018

Winter has arrived suddenly with a really cold blast! Those of us who experience good frosts understand the positives and negatives it brings for the garden. Gone are those pesky snails and caterpillars that ravage our winter crops. Weeds don’t germinate at the fast rate they do in autumn. But at the same time, the cooling of the ground slows down the growth rate of our vegetables. Continue reading 1 June 2018

‘I’ve planted some cabbage seedlings and they seem to be being eaten…’

Full question:
I’ve planted some cabbage seedlings and they seem to be being eaten. I thought it might be slugs and put traps out, but they are still diminishing, I’ve noticed small white fluffy?? insects on the back that fly off if I disturb them.

Our response:
The white fluffy insects are most likely what people call ‘fluffy bums’ and they’re the juvenile version of the passionvine hopper. We recommend using Neem Oil applied in the evening 3 times and each application 3 days apart. Alternatively there’s a product called Aquaticus Glow which deals with sucking and chewing insects well.

But we don’t think this is what’s eating your cabbage seedlings. We think it’s probably slugs. If you want to be sure, wrap up one night and go out with a torch and see if it is. Slugs live in the soil, so they’re hard to see otherwise. Keep up the yeast traps and also try the upturned pot idea with newspaper scrunched up inside (make sure you tip it slightly so they can crawl inside by day). During the day dispose of the newspaper with the slugs and snails in it and put fresh out. If you do this regularly, you do eventually get rid of the population.

All the best:)