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1 February 2019

1 February 2019

Happy New Year to you all! Hope the year has started well.

It would be fair to say it’s typical for gardeners to complain about the weather. It’s either too wet, too cold or too hot. This year complaining about the weather being too hot however feels justified – the sun seems to be really intense! Early morning and late evening is definitely the best time to be in the garden. Continue reading 1 February 2019

December 2018 NH newsletter

Winter has arrived suddenly with a really cold blast! Those of us who experience good frosts understand the positives and negatives it brings for the garden. Gone are those pesky snails and caterpillars that ravage our winter crops. Weeds don’t germinate at the fast rate they do in autumn. But at the same time, the cooling of the ground slows down the growth rate of our vegetables. Continue reading December 2018 NH newsletter