Potato recipe


500g new potatoes, scrubbed

½ cup good quality mayonnaise

¼ cup crème fraiche

1 ½ tablespoons horseradish sauce

2 cloves garlic

½ small red onion, finely chopped

¼ cup chopped dill and flat-leaf parsley

Sea salt and freshly ground pepper


Cook the potatoes in a pot of well salted boiling water until tender.

Drain and set aside to cool.  Cut the potatoes into large bit-sized pieces and place in a bowl.

Whisk the mayonnaise, crème fraiche, horseradish and garlic together. Season.  Fold in the red onion and herbs.

Gently toss the dressing through the potatoes.

Cover and set aside for half an hour for the flavours to develop.  Garnish with extra herbs before serving.