22 April 2022

Garlic planting time!   On my crop rotation plan, I have the space at the end of the parsnips designated for the garlic and that is where our strawberry patch has been this summer.

The new strawberry plants have all rooted well in their pots so it was time to snip the umbilical cord.

Then out with the old plants, which I have to say was quite hard as they were so strong and healthy.  But last season the new plants produced so beautifully, so I’m keen to repeat that.  The old plants will make good compost – nothing wasted!

Garlic needs a well-made bed, so I trenched some of our compost from the Hungry Bin worm farm, then added homemade compost.  As the homemade stuff is quite chunky I added a layer of commercially-made compost and Dave’s Humate.  Don’t add any nitrogen fertiliser as you’re wanting the focus to be on the roots.  As it was quite spongy, I left it for about 3 days to settle with the lovely gentle rain we’ve been having. 

Then this afternoon I separated out the large outer cloves from the bulbs I got from our local organic store. 

And simply popped them into the soil about 20cms apart.  They got a dressing of Natures Organic Fertiliser, a water in, then the netting over the top.

My two new strategies for combatting rust on my garlic this year are covering the crop, and a weekly/fortnightly application of liquid seaweed to keep the leaves alkaline.  I’ve heard from several people that rust can be kept at bay if it’s covered, as it stops the airborne rust spores from settling on the plants.  Rob agrees that I should give this a go, and has suggested covering the crop with Mikroclima, which is traditionally used for frost cover.  Mikroclima breathes which is a good attribute.  But do you think I could find any?  I finally had success at Mitre 10 in Marton, so a big shout out to you guys!  Hopefully I’ll have that next week to lay over the hoops.

I got another patch of carrots in just in time at the end of the Full Moon phase.  Making the most of the roll I seem to be on at the moment with carrot sowing!  I always add something nice and even like a commercial potting mix or compost on the top for the tiny seeds to settle into.

Happy ANZAC weekend from Jan and Rob!

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  1. Hi Jan and Rob,
    Can you tell when to harvest a pumpkin? Also do I have to put garlic cloves in full moon period? I thought the time for garlic planting is in June during Matariki?

  2. I have had my old strawberry plants for 4 yrs now and last season they still produced a few berries. I bought some new plants this season and have had great success in making new plants from the runners. So looking forward to next season. The old ones will come out now.

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