The Insectary

Here’s a list of flowers that can be grown in different seasons to provide food for beneficial insects to attract them to your garden and help create the vital ecosystem.


Aster family (Yarrow or Achillea, Tansy, Sunflower, Goldenrod, Echinacea, Coreopsis, Cosmos), Alyssum*,  Anise hyssop*, Bee balm also known as Bergamot or Monarda*, Borage*, California poppy or Eschscholzia, Chrysanthemum*, Cornflower*, Carnation*, Dahlia*, Daylily or Hemerocallis*, Dianthus*, Evening primrose, Geranium*, Hibiscus*, Lavender*, Marigold*, Nasturtium*, Phacelia, Rose*, Rudbeckia, Snapdragon*, Zinnia


Alyssum*, Calendula*, Chrysanthemum*, Dianthus*, Nasturtium*, Pansy*, Snapdragon*, Viola*

summer and/or winter

Crops/weeds/herbs which have good flowers if left to go to seed:

Allium family (Onions*, Chives*, Leeks*), Basil*, Brassica family (Arugula*, Mustard*, Radish*), Buckwheat,  Dandelion*, Legume family (Alfalfa or Lucerne, Vetch, Clover*, Beans*, Peas* – but not sweet peas!), Lemon Verbena*, Sage*, Umbel family (Queen Anne’s lace, Parsley, Wild parsnip, Coriander*, Dill*)