22 December 2020

22 December 2020

‘twas the night before Alert Level 4 Lockdown when Rob packed up his house through the night and got the ferry to Waiheke Island and his new home.

Nine months later it was great to see what can be achieved in a short space of time and using space creatively.


The land in this excavated site was not good, so Rob has raised all his plantings. And how beautiful it is especially with the vista back to Auckland over the water.

The most remarkable planting is the tomatoes, huge big beefsteaks using the wall as support.


Rob’s used washing line wire strung up against the wall.


It’s important to keep up the delateralling so that the plant’s energy goes into the fruit rather than leaves.


He also recommends feeding them a fish and seaweed solution every two weeks – water the soil first though so the application soaks into the soil and doesn’t run off.

Then there are the containers of baby greens. The back one has baby spinach and coriander planted behind it. Coriander likes a bit of shade so the spinach creates that.


And there’s a planter of beetroot for leaves only and a patch of mesclun.


Rob says keep the sowing up, so you can eat the vegetables at the baby leaf stage. So here’s more spinach on its way and rocket. And a tub of mesclun.


There are two beautiful zucchinis producing.


And if you find sizing up beetroot difficult, check these out for inspiration.


Capsicums and chillis are getting established.


And a cucumber patch which Rob says is over and needs replacing.


Herbs are doing well. Sage, oregano, parsley and basil.


Rob recommends cutting back half of your mint bush, and within 2-3 weeks it’ll be back nice and fresh. Then you can do the same to the other side.


Being near the beach, Rob is always collecting seaweed. He uses it as a mulch and also in a barrel with water to make a liquid seaweed additive.


Round the other side, there are passionfruit, rhubarb and avocados planted surrounded by very healthy Bocking 14 comfrey.


We had a beautiful salad from the garden for lunch.

Oh and not to forget the Scarlet Runner beans, one of Rob’s favourites, which I thought looked awfully like an edible Christmas tree!

Merry Christmas to you all and we wish you a wonderful abundant New Year!

From Jan, Rob and the Team at OEG!

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  1. I’ve got your calendar and just discovered your weekly blog – my garden is loving all the tips thank you!

  2. Hi, thank you for sharing your beautiful and abundant garden. I have the calendar again & have given it as Christmas gift to friends and family. I love it & get it from Piko in ChCh. This year I’m watching my precious organic seedlings getting buried by weeds, as unfortunately I broke my ankle a week before Christmas, and have to accept that the garden can’t be nurtured. The stinging nettle, chckweed and dandelions are happily dropping their seeds while I helplessly watch. I will enjoy your calendar and website and dream of what I will do when I’m on my feet again. Happy gardening, Diane x Rangiora

    1. Hi Diane Thanks for your note and yes we’re grateful to Piko Wholefoods for stocking our calendar. Sorry to hear you’re incapacitated – an ankle is tricky! Nothing like growing a food garden for holistic health. Hope you recover quickly 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your garden Rob. It is looking fabulous. I learned so much from your blogs when you were doing them. Are you still selling plants from your previous property or market in Parnell? They are always healthy and grow so well.
    Kindest regards,

    1. Hi Christine Rob has sold to Sally and Hunter who operate Organic Herbs and Seedlings the same as he did. So yes the same super healthy seedlings are still available at the property and at Parnell and Grey Lynn Farmers Markets 🙂

  4. wow ..your garden is looking wonderful. Well done in the short period of time ….
    all the best and happy 2021

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