‘Please explain the merits or benefits of using seaweed as a fertiliser…’

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Please explain the merits or benefits of using seaweed as a fertiliser. Plus which type of seaweed to source? Thanks.

Our response:
Seaweed is the mainstay of a healthy organic edible garden. It’s full of trace elements, something like 60 of them, thus enabling your plants to become nutrient-dense. It helps resist fungus and disease by making plants strong and healthy. Seaweed collected from the beach can be dug in or laid on the top of a garden bed like a mulch or you can make a liquid seaweed out of it by placing in a container and covering with water (after 2-3 weeks it breaks down and can be used).
Foliar application of liquid seaweed works well as it’s readily absorbed by the plant through its leaves. Soil applications act as a conditioner.
Finally, seaweed comes from a sustainable source.
Kelp, the big straps, is the best as it contains more minerals, but any seaweed collected from the beach is good.
If you’re after liquid seaweed, we like the Ocean Organics brands – they do a Foliar and Soil Liquid Seaweed which we sell online…Liquid Seaweed This is just the foliar one, but we have the soil one too.

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  1. Appreciate your informative reply. As it answers all my questions !! Thanks again.
    Incidentally I have carted 2 tons now at !00 kg a load for my vege garden, small fruit orchard and citrus shrubs.
    “Roll on” Spring so i can witness first hand my efforts.

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