Rob plants cabbage and cauliflower, Megan cooks with kumara (sweet potato)

  • Before we plant our cabbages and cauliflowers we work compost and chicken manure into the soil to replenish nutrients, raise the bed and improve soil structure. We’ll also add a dressing of lime, as brassicas like an alkaline soil, and a dressing of rock dust to make sure our vegetables are nutrient-dense.
  • Dig holes for your plants 40-50 cms apart, then add neem granules or powder into each hole. That’s to help the plants ward off infestation by the white butterfly which is still flying.
  • We didn’t put neem granules in with the kale and broccoli we planted a few weeks back and the caterpillars are munching through them. So today we’ll give them a spray of Btk or Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki (called something like Organic Caterpillar Control in retail outlets) which is a naturally occurring soil bacterium. When ingested by the larvae or caterpillars it produces a toxin that’s lethal. In the acid guts of other insects or animals it’s destroyed and is therefore totally harmless to them. Btk also has no withholding period on crops.
  • Slugs and snails love young leafy greens so see here for how to make traps for them.
Megan makes Golden Kumara Curry


Camera: Davian Lorson
Editor: Adam Prest