Oranges recipe


600 grams oranges (4 Navel oranges approximately)
350 grams caster sugar
1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
6 large eggs
400 grams ground almonds

Place whole unpeeled oranges in saucepan. Cover with water. Boil with the lid on for 30 minutes. Drain the liquid, and fill the pot with fresh water, boiling for another 45 minutes.
Cut the oranges into quarters, take out any pips, then place in a food processor to make orange pulp. Cool to room temperature.
Line a 24 cm springform tin well. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
Beat eggs and sugar with electric mixer on high speed until fluffy and pale (about 3-5 minutes).
Fold in ground almonds, baking powder and orange pulp with large metal spoon.
Pour into tin and bake for 60 minutes. You may need to put cooking paper or tinfoil over the cake at the end of the cooking time to make sure it doesn’t burn on the top.
Allow cake to cool in the pan.

Enjoy this beautifully moist and fragrant treat!