‘What is the best way to deter snails from eating new seedlings?’

Be watching this Friday’s Weekly Webisode, 19 September 2014, when Rob shares lots of ideas on how to reduce the slug and snail population in your garden.

One of the best ways is to go out at night with a torch and actually pick snails off your plants and dispose of them.  They’re a good source of protein if you have chickens, or they can be squashed and put in your compost.
Another way is to mix dry yeast and white sugar with warm water and pour into covered or uncovered containers, pushing the containers into the soil so they’re level with the ground.
Scrunching up newspaper and putting it inside an upturned container (propping the container up slightly with a stone so the snails and slugs can get in) traps them. You dispose of the newspaper the next day.
Spreading coffee grounds round plants is another method.
And you can buy a copper wire that gives slugs and snails a mild electric shock and it’s hard for them to climb over.
The great thing is, if you’re persistent, you can get rid of slugs and snails!

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