From your garden to your table, every day of the year

Grow your own nutrient-dense food using organic principles and create a food system that enhances your wellbeing while giving back to the planet.


Eat Well for less

Growing your own organic produce is affordable , achievable and good for you.

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support local

Growing your own food and buying produce from your local Farmers Market builds and supports your community.


Have an impact

Growing your own food organically is the one single action that will have the greatest impact on people and planet health.

How to grow your own food

Watch our Getting Started videos, then join our up-to-the-minute Blog Posts to mentor you through each week, get inspiration from our Recipes on how to prepare your beautiful produce, and Ask us a Question, no matter how big or small.


Join the conversation

Sometimes you need to ask something that is specific to your garden and we’re more than happy to give you our opinion. Ask questions at the end of a blog post or send us an email. If we think it’s a question other people might ask as well, we’ll post it and our response on our Help Blog.