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‘Sheep pellets are attracting flies – any tips?’

Full question…

Hi 🙂 I’m a newbie to gardening and I’ve been following the videos you have posted and find them really helpful and encouraging! thanks!!
But I have a problem…. I put sheep pellets on my vege bed and now the house is full of flies! argh… I’ve put a layer of pea straw over the bed and this has helped plus tried all sorts of natural things inside to keep them out like clove oil etc in the burner & keeping dishes off the bench BUT still a huge problem. I have a small yard so placement of garden has to be close to the house unfortunately. What am I to do?? Any tips would be most appreciated.

Our response…

If sheep pellets are attracting flies the best thing to do is cover them over with soil. Sheep pellets are a great food for plants, so maybe you could use them by dissolving a handful in a watering can and using it as a liquid fertiliser instead. Otherwise we’d recommend your using a fish and seaweed liquid fertiliser for your plants rather than sheep pellets. Let us know how you get on.